Past lab members

Postdoctoral Fellows:
Dr. Maya Zimmerman
Dr. Tvisha Misra, Postdoctoral fellow, Sick Kids Hospital Research Institute, Canada
Dr. Xuan Wang, Lab Head, Innovent Biologics, Suzhou, China
Dr. Lazaros Vasilikos

PhD students:
Dr. Kay Hänggi, current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, SNSF Mobility Fellowship, Moffit Cancer Center, USA
Dr. Janin Knop, current position: Laboratory Technician at Kinderspital Zürich
Dr. Lisanne Spilgies

Masters students:
Stefanie Rufli, ETHZ
Teresa Langová, ETHZ
Raffael Frei, ETHZ

BUSS/Swiss Excellence students:
Milan Muso
Si-Sim Kang (currently in her MSc, University of Taiwan)
Yu Cheng Chua (currently in his PhD, University of Melbourne, Australia)
Zachary Best (USA)