Nina Henle

Technical staff

Phone: +41 44 635 5497

After some trail and error attempts at studying (Medicine and Physics), as well as two apprenticeships (MTA, von Bodelschwinghsche Stiftungen Bethel and Cytology Assistant, Marburg, PD. Mühlberger), I finally found my academic vocation in the field of Biochemistry (Universitiy Bielefeld). Although my mentor’s background was routed in Immunology, my diploma theses (WWU Münster, Prof. Speckmann) as well as my PhD (ZMNH Hamburg, Prof. Schachner) were both set in Neurology Studies. Following a short stint into the commercial pharma world, I got called to work as a postdoc in the experimental neurological department of the Chartié Berlin.

My first pregnancy meant a sudden end to my scientific career, which was then cemented in stone with my physical relocation to my husband in Switzerland. Two more babies and countless job applications later, I have fortunately found this job opportunity (laboratory technician) with Mrs. Joller and her team in the field of Immune Regulation at the university of Zurich.

Despite my past experiences, I am the greenhorn here, but supported by a great team and competent boss. Therefore I am grateful and excited to be given the opportunity to learn something new and discover more and more connections between Neurology and Immunology.

Let’s see where this journey takes me…