Nicole Joller

Nicole Joller, Prof. Dr.


Phone: +41 44 635 4945

Y36 L68 (Office)

I was born in Germany, but grew up close to Zurich, where I received my Master in Biochemistry (ETH Zurich). I was introduced to immunological research during my Master Thesis in the Zinkernagel/Hengartner Lab and it was such a good experience that I have stayed in the field ever since! My PhD in the lab of Prof. Annette Oxenius (ETH Zurich) was focused on the adaptive immune response against Legionella pneumophila, a ubiquitous pathogen, which can cause severe pneumonia. After my PhD I decided to change my perspective from infections to autoimmunity and joined the lab of Prof. Vijay Kuchroo at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA, where I studies co-inhibitory receptors and regulatory T cells. In 2014 I got the opportunity to return to Switzerland on an SNSF professorship and build up my own lab here at the University of Zurich, where my group studies specialization of regulatory T cells and differential immune regulation.

Personal Details

Date of birth: 29th of August 1978
Nationality: Swiss, German
Marital Status: married, two children


2004 - 2008ETH Zurich, Switzerland
PhD thesis (immunology)
1998 - 2003ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Diploma in natural sciences (biochemistry)

Research and teaching experience

2014- SNSF/ERC assistant professor
  Institute for Experimental Immunology
  University of Zurich
  Zurich, Switzerland
2009-2014 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  Center for Neurologic Diseases
  Brigham and Women's Hospital
  Harvard Medical School
  Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
  Boston, USA
  Prof. Dr. Vijay Kuchroo
2004-2008 PhD Thesis
  Institute of Microbiology
  ETH Zurich
  Prof. Dr. Annette Oxenius
09/2003-12/2003 Internship
  Institute of Cell Biology
  University of Bern
  Prof. Dr. Daniel Schümperli
09/2001-06/2002 Diploma Thesis
  Institute for Experimental Immunology
  University Hospital Zurich
  Prof. Dr. Hans Hengartner
  Prof. Dr. Rolf M. Zinkernagel

Honors, Grants and Fellowships

2016-2017 Elected into the World Economic Forum’s Young Scientist Community
2016-2021 ERC Starting Grant
2014-2018 SNSF professorship
2013-2014 Arthritis National Research Foundation Research Grant
2012 Pfizer Research Award
2011-2012 Research grant from the Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society
2010-2011 Fellowship from the Janggen-Pöhn Stiftung
2009-2010 Fellowship for prospective researchers from the Swiss National Science Foundation
2007 Congress scholarship from the Swiss Society for Allergology and Immunology (SGAI)
2007 Travel grant from the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) and the European Journal of Immunology (EJI)