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Institute of Experimental Immunology Cellular Immunotherapy

Selected publications

Raykova A, Carrega P, Lehmann FM, Ivanek R, Landtwing V, Quast I, Lünemann JD, Finke D, Ferlazzo G, Chijioke O, Münz C. Interleukins 12 and 15 induce cytotoxicity and early NK-cell differentiation in type 3 innate lymphoid cells. Blood Adv 2017; 1: 2679-2691.

Ferreira-Teixeira M, Paiva-Oliveira D, Parada B, Alves V, Sousa V, Chijioke O, Münz C, Reis F, Rodrigues-Santos P, Gomes C. Natural killer cell-based adoptive immunotherapy eradicates and drives differentiation of chemoresistant bladder cancer stem-like cells. BMC Med 2016; 14: 163.

Landtwing V, Raykova A, Pezzino G, Béziat V, Marcenaro E, Graf C, Moretta A, Capaul R, Zbinden A, Ferlazzo G, Malmberg KJ, Chijioke O*, Münz C*. Cognate HLA absence in trans diminishes human NK cell education. J Clin Invest 2016; 126: 3772-3782.
* contributed equally

Azzi T, Lünemann A, Murer A, Ueda S, Béziat V, Malmberg KJ, Staubli G, Gysin C, Berger C, Münz C, Chijioke O*, Nadal D*. Role for early-differentiated natural killer cells in infectious mononucleosis. Blood 2014; 124: 2533-2543.
* contributed equally

Jandus C, Boligan KF, Chijioke O, Liu H, Dahlhaus M, Démoulins T, Schneider C, Wehrli M, Hunger RE, Baerlocher GM, Simon HU, Romero P, Münz C, von Gunten S. Interactions between Siglec-7/9 receptors and ligands influence NK cell-dependent tumor immunosurveillance. J Clin Invest 2014; 124: 1810-1820.

Chijioke O, Müller A, Feederle R, Barros MH, Krieg C, Emmel V, Marcenaro E, Leung CS, Antsiferova O, Landtwing V, Bossart W, Moretta A, Hassan R, Boyman O, Niedobitek G, Delecluse HJ, Capaul R, Münz C. Human natural killer cells prevent infectious mononucleosis features by targeting lytic Epstein-Barr virus infection. Cell Rep 2013; 5: 1489-1498.

Strowig T*, Chijioke O*, Carrega P, Arrey F, Meixlsperger S, Ramer PC, Ferlazzo G, Münz C. Human NK cells of mice with reconstituted human immune system components require preactivation to acquire functional competence. Blood 2010; 116: 4158-4167.
* contributed equally