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Institute of Experimental Immunology Cancer Immunobiology


·       Dr Julian Weischedel (Swiss Excellence PhD student, 2019-2023 & Postdoc, 2023  |  Publications)
·       Kristina Lykova (MSc student, 2022  |  Publications): now applying for work placements, CH
·       Jitte Jennekens (MSc intern, 2022  |  Publications): now completing her studies at Utrecht, NL
·       Emiel Seta (MSc intern, 2022  |  Publications): now completing his studies at Radboud, NL
·       Olga Krzyzaniak (MSc student, 2022  |  Publications): now PhD student at UZH, CH
·       Giacomo Koch (BSc intern, 2021 |  Publications): Now MSc student at UZH, CH
·       Ojaswi Biswas (Think Swiss scholarship MSc intern, 2021 |  Publications): now finishing her thesis at Max Plank Institute, DE
·       Dr Simone  Borgoni (BBSRC Postdoc, 2020-2021  |  Publications): now Associate Scientist at Tecan, CH
·       Agshin Balayev (MSc student, 2020-2021  |  Publications): now PhD student at University of Minnesota, USA
·       Tirawit Meerod (DPST scholarship MSc intern, 2021 |  Publications): now PhD student at the University of Birmingham, UK
·       Sarah Erraiss (SEMP scholarship MSc intern, 2021 |  Publications): now back to finish her MSc at ENS, Lyon, FR
·       Dr Rikke Morrish (EPSRC scholarship PhD student, 2016-2020  |  Publications): now Senior Medical Specialist at ProPharma Group, UK
·       Dr Laura Reffo (AMS scholarship PhD student, 2016-2020  |  Publications): now Research Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, IT
·       Bianca Horvath (MSc intern, 2020 |  Publications): now PhD student at ETH, CH
·       Elina Pfister (Part-time lab tech, 2020 |  Publications): now at MSD, CH
·       Dr Teresa Gagliano (BBSRC Postdoc, 2020  |  Publications): now Assistant Professor at University of Udine, IT
·       Nefin Yaganoglu (SEMP scholarship BSc intern, 2019 |  Publications): now MSc at UZH, CH
·       Dr Josefine Ruder (Visiting MD/PhD student, 2019 |  Publications): now MD/PhD with Prof Martin Roland at USZ-Zurich, CH
·       Laurence Higgins (PhD student, 2014-2019 |  Publications):
·       Dr Sally Rogers (BBSRC Postdoc, 2018 |  Publications): now Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter, UK
·       Kevin Yim (MSc student, 2017-2018 |  Publications): now MedTech fellow at UZH, CH
·       Dr Emily Sheppard (BBSRC scholarship PhD student, 2014-2018 |  Publications): now at Sciterion Pharmaceuticals, UK
·       Isabel Leitch (A2I scholarship BSc intern, 2017  |  Publications): now PhD student at University of Oxford, UK
·       Dr. Dominic Wiredu (Postdoc, 2017-2018 |  Publications): now Lecturer at University of Exeter Medical School, UK
·       Dr. Michael Dilon (BBSRC Postdoc, 2016-2018 |  Publications): now Lecturer at Peninsula Medical School, UK
·       Miriam Lohr (Erasmus scholarship BSc intern, 2017 |  Publications): now Master Student at Max Plank Institute, DE
·       Luke Deane (BSC intern, 2016 |  Publications): now PhD student at University of Bristol, UK
·       Abraham Perera (BSc intern 2015 |  Publications): now finishing his studies at U Bristol, UK
·       Angelina Bloch (Erasmus scholarship BSc intern, 2015  |  Publication): now  at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), DE
·       Dr Pravenna Deekonda (Aspire scholarship BSc intern, 2014  |  Publications): now Medical Surgeon, UK
·       Hugo Parker (MSc student, 2014 |  Publications): now at Porton Biopharma Ltd, UK