Myeloid Cell Immunology

The mononuclear phagocyte system (MPS) is defined as a group of myeloid cells comprised of monocytes, macrophages and a distinct lineage that includes dendritic cells (DCs). The different members of the MPS display substantial heterogeneity in terms of ontogeny, turnover and functional properties during homeostasis and inflammation. Cells of the MPS are not only critical for the induction of immune responses but also for tissue homeostasis. We are specifically interested in the development and function of the MPS during steady state and inflammation.

Our main interests are:

• To identify key molecules necessary for the development and function of the MPS.
• The role of IL-34 on the MPS in tumor biology and neuro-inflammatory diseases
• To discover new lineage guiding transcription factors involved in microglia regulation
• To generate new mouse strains in order to alter microglia function in vivo
• To genetically manipulate monocytes and dendritic cells during inflammation